Space for witty title


So, Soundhog. I was going to write “Welsh wizard” but that seemed unnecessarily alliterative and a bit clichéd. Then, I was going to write “Genius” but that seemed hyperbolic and a bit fawning. I’m therefore sticking with “So”, as you can see. And now, I’m going to suggest that you listen and download this great extended edit of a 70s spy theme.

Americans will have their own memories of spy TV series from that period. Probably the hero was handsome and rugged. He almost certainly rescued the damsel and wasted a few baddies. Our UK ones reflected our troubled era of post-War decline. Our heroes weren’t always heroes. They were often shabby. They were regularly nasty, morally compromised and a bit seedy. Sometimes they weren’t even handsome and rugged. George Smiley, Sandbaggers, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and my favourite Callan. But I’d rather forgotten Quiller until I came across this extended edit from Soundhog. Has all the synth funk goodness you demand and some brassy parps for added good measure

Of it Soundhog says “Richard Denton & Martin Cook were responsible for some of the most memorable BBC TV theme tunes in the ’70s and early ’80s… think The Great Egg Race, Tomorrow’s World etc. And there’s this, the theme for a 1975 adaptation of Elleston Trevor’s Quiller thrillers… Originally a shade under 3 minutes long, I’ve done my usual stretchy-out type stuff on an absolute masterpiece of brassy ’70s synthy spy funk.”

Denton & Cook – Quiller (Soundhog Extended Edit)

~ by acidted on December 14, 2013.

One Response to “Space for witty title”

  1. Love this.So much good about this music.The congas ,funky bassline and those synths.Could only have came from the 70s.Nice find

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