Symmetry – Night Rhythms One


A new artist on Bad Life records. Erin Davies is Symmetry. And Night Rhythms One is his debut EP. It’s full of the Bad Life electro techno stance, but with added acid.

Invariant comes on all thumpity thumpity before breaking out some acid bass and twisting itself up into a little ball. Analog gives it old skool bleepy and bass as the acid marching band sweeps all before it. Proper 3am music.

Blurb: Like an annoyingly self satisfied fat kid in the Krispy Kreme factory, we feel grossly smug to give you Erin Davies aka Symmetry, a young London producer on the cusp of greatness. His debut release ‘Night Rhythms 1’ quite simply could not be any more bang on the money for now. The EP is forward thinking club music at it’s most dapper; the kind of cat who’s turned up for the wedding between house and techno wearing the coolest motherfuckin suit and upstaged everyone. Marking the start of ‘Night Rhythms,’ a series bound to set Symmetry on his way to claiming his rightful place at that wedding’s top table, these two tracks are the kind of records that  make you excited to be a DJ. It’s the perfect balance of everything good club records should be; fresh, innovative, tough, and sophisticated. Of his music Erin Symmetry says “These tracks are the first where I’ve thrown away the computer, and done everything with synths and samplers. It’s been liberating; I feel free of distractions’. Symmetry has been in the inner sanctum of the Bad Life womb for some time now; a mainstay on the decks at our Bad Life warehouse parties, a solidly reliable late night drinking buddy and a general all round cool guy. He’s been careful to wait until he’d mastered his beloved collection of analog synthesizers before lift off, but now 4 years since he first picked up a synthesiser at a charity shop in Bournemouth, he is finally ready to push the button. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


~ by acidted on December 14, 2013.

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  1. […] the tail end of last year we had Symmetry and Night Rhythms One, which I said was “proper 3am techno“. Symmetry’s now back  with Night Rhythms […]

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