Pop Will Eat Itself – Menofearthereaper (Brendangerous Remix)


Having a bit of a Pop Will Eat Itself moment. Dunno why. Just got drawn back to their fun 90s blend of dance, rock, grebo and hip hop. I’m trying to find the Two Fingers My Friends remixes album but failing.

In the meantime, have this rather fine remix of Menofearthereaper from Brendangerous. Free download. This makes the most of the original’s latent dubbiness by emphasising the tabla, sitar and sleazy bass elements to give a most relaxed remix.

Me no fear the reaper There ain’t no pleasing me No keeping sweeter

Pop Will Eat Itself is my favorite band of all time. In a time of stale music, these guys brought a unique style by mixing genres like rock, rap, hip hop and EDM and presented a fresh helping of slick riffs and beats. I feel the world can never have too much PWEI, so here’s my remix of their amazing song “Menofearthereaper”. Enjoy!


~ by acidted on December 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Pop Will Eat Itself – Menofearthereaper (Brendangerous Remix)”

  1. I’ve got a copy of Dos Dedos I can rip for you if you want…

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