Laurence Reed – Whispers And Rumours


Laurence Reed is someone from the UK who’s been around for years. But still new to me. This new EP is techno and dub techno with due reverence for Detroit/Chicago and Berlin. Free mix to download.

Laurence Reed is from Portsmouth (skates!) and this EP, out next week, is a mix of original tracks that mix Detroit or Chicago techno house sounds in varying proportions and two remixes from Tom Gillieron which go European in a dub techno direction. Of the original tracks, High People In Low Places is the pick. This is all about bass line groove and melody. A techno chugger, perfect for clubs. The other originals pale by comparison. But the Tom Gillieron mixes of Whispers & Rumours are the pick here. They echo and reverberate everywhere to give a dark Berlin dub techno feel.

And there’s a fine mixtape for free download Laurence Reed – Forward Education Radio Show – Croatia – November 2013

Blurb: Household Digital extends its reach from the coast of California’s Bay Area and into England’s only island city, Portsmouth, with Laurence Reed’s Whispers And Rumours EP. Having over two decades of experience, Reed is a veteran house DJ that has played alongside his share of heavy hitting, cutting edge electronic artists. He’s naturally progressed into capturing these sounds in productions, with releases on labels like Attrakt Records, Sounds of Juan, and Digital Overdose Records.

Reed dives right in on “High People In Low Places” with underwater radar pings, sci-fi pads, melodic keys, and deep sub bass. Introduced by a strong clap, “Ever Done” slowly builds with tonal stabs and bleeps revolving to hypnotic effect before vocal repetitions bring back a human aspect. Taking things one step further, a nuclear meltdown sounding alarm signals the urgent arrival of “Letters On The Fridge,” and soon a jacking bass line enters lock down and radioactive synths begin to seep in. On “Whispers And Rumours” the atmosphere gets deeper as a moody and rich synth groove rises under percussive pitter-patter. Sharp strings cut through a fattened low end and sensual whispers rumour at late night situations.

With his first release coming on EyeQ records in the late ’90s, Tom Gillieron (Turbo, Keinemusik) has had a bright production career that includes the support of some highly influential names. His remix uses cavernous and reverberating stabs, one even sounding as if struggling for breath, along with chugging mechanical effects and a tense, high winding synth. For his dub mix he peels the layers back, but still to a devastating effect. The connecting thread of the Whispers And Rumours EP feels as if it was sown in a tech-filled, industrial warehouse.!/laurence.reed.3

~ by acidted on December 28, 2013.

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