Tim Engelhardt Recaps


Tim Engelhardt’s added a load of tracks, mostly older ones, to his soundcloud. And they are such fine examples of deep house that I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing feeling that Tim’s music brings.

First, from 2011, mauro basso – ”drone” (tim engelhardt remix). This starts from a tech house premise and so is a bit tighter and less chilled than some of Tim’s own output. Still wonderfully melodic, mind.

Secondly, his first ever remix; emanuel satie – ”stab me” (tim engelhardt remix). This is more a drone remix with a bit more techno than his more mature style.

Buy: http://www.beatport.com/release/stab-me/434603

Thirdly, and, again from 2011, boris brejcha – ”schaltzentrale” (tim engelhardt ”nachtglanz” mix). It is, as he says, “quite stripped-down, aggressive somehow.”

Finally, from 2012 (though done in 2011) comes jerome ferry – ”swing on the beach” (tim engelhardt remix). This is probably the most disposable of the tracks in that it’s pleasant, inoffensive but ultimately unmemorable.

And if you don’t have this free podcast, you really ought – Playmusic Podcast May – Tim Engelhardt – Challenge Everyday


~ by acidted on December 29, 2013.

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