Return of the men in white coats


A 90s revisted post, rather than more evidence of my fragile mental state. This is a post about Full Moon Scientist, inspired by yesterday’s post on Amusiana, run by Steve Rowlands who was half of FMS. Plenty of free downloads here.

The short version for Full Moon Scientist’s story is “A dub-tinged break beat and drum & bass outfit, that celebrated Monty Python’s sense of humour.They first signed to Leftfield’s label Hard Hands releasing several singles, and the album “Themeninwhitecoats”, then moved to Botchit & Scarper, where they released more singles, remixes and the album “Do We Look Like Comedians?”.

Steve Rowlands and Kevin Walsh started Full Moon Scientist in 1993, when much of techno was terribly po-faced. Dance floors were full of people with grimaces as if terribly constipated – apart from the ones gurning like the damned. Full Moon Scientist provided a bit of a break from that but without their music going anywhere too self-consciously wacky. Their debut on Hard Hands was Old Man River’s Crying combined breaks with a big dollop of dub and remains my favourite of theirs. But they soon branched into harder break beat and drum and bass territory. Their 1997 Do We Look Like Comedians? LP (which would  be their last) came with a limited edition white label etched with “WE`D LIKE TO GIVE THE SPICE GIRLS SOME STICK INSECTS” which is explicable if you listen to the drum and bass track (free download) from the white label:

Insectivores with cloven hooves


As I said yesterday, sadly Kevin Walsh died of cancer in 2008. This remix was done for him. Steve Rowlands says “Drum & Bass remix of the Full Moon Scientist track “Shake me out of my tree” by Steve Rowlands. It’s a tribute to Kevin Walsh, a good friend and musical partner.”

More free FMS downloads here. and, finally, Old Man River’s Crying

~ by acidted on January 4, 2014.

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