Moar acid


A less whimsical post today. Just music. Free downloads from Acid Invaders and Jade Cox.

First, an old Acid Ted favourite returns – Acid Invaders. I’ve always loved their mix of acid, rave and pop sensibility. It’s still a mystery why their Rave On Kids wasn’t a crossover hit. Be that as it may, they’ve a new track out.

Free download Connections 49 wrong foots me rather. This isn’t an acid track, nor even techno. It’s the love child of Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre. Synths and mutitracked robot bah bah bahs dominate. Even a bit of spoken French intensity. There’s an epic, soaring sense of childlike wonder to it all. I suspect this will be a rather Marmite track. But I think it’s fabulously frivolous.

Official site :
Facebook :

Next, Jade Cox makes a welcome return. We had her accomplished debut EP here in September. It weaved a path between Chicago house and Detroit techno. This time, a free download of her Acid Express track. This is a proper dirty club tune, full of twisting acid but varying the ebb and flow of the track to avoid it being a simplistic banger. 

Had a few requests for this track over the last few months, so thought I’d give this out as a free download 🙂

~ by acidted on January 9, 2014.

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