REMIXING CLASSICS: K-Klass – Share Our Love (Chip Chabralle Blissed Up Re Dub)


K-Klass hmmm… Much loved by those who wanted good time house but a bit too light for my early 90s tastes. A bit too M-People. But this Re Dub from Chip Chabralle takes it to blissed out Balearic places. Free download.

Share Our Love was the last track on K-Klass’ 1993 album Universal. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard the album or original track before now. The only time I really took notice was when K-Klass had a Sabres remix (have a look over at myvinyldreams) on their Let Me Show You single. What I hadn’t realised was that there were three Sabres remixes. I seem only to have #2, so if anyone has the other two, let me know.

The original of Share Our Love is one of those classic early 90s anthems of positivity, with it’s uplifting synths and your-my-best-mate-forever vibe. A slightly dodgy sax and a bit of vocal wailing means the London cynic in me can’t help but take over, snorting derisively. Whereas, Chip Chabralle takes the wide-eyed end-of-the-E-comedown blissedness and turns it to the track’s advantage. It goes from arms round a stranger in a dodgy club to watching the sun come up from Primrose Hill. Still keeps that bloody sax, mind. But, overall, a lovely bit of Balearic feeling.


~ by acidted on January 18, 2014.

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