Drinking around the world with Kapstaden


This new release from 12-3 Recordings is from Kapstaden, which seems to translate as Cape Town. That got me thinking about my month in South Africa in 2012 and the difficulty of getting a beer.

I wrote in my diary:

Let’s talk drink. That’s alcohol, of course. Was an article in the papers over the weekend that the Health Minister is floating treating alcohol like cigarettes are in the UK. No advertising. No coloured packaging. Not on display. No sponsorship of sport. Hidden away with name, price and alcoholic content only allowed. Lots of adverse reaction but perhaps we are entering a new worldwide Puritan period.

For anyone who thinks it’s extreme, saw some interesting stats this morning that 70% of South Africans don’t drink (high by world figs of about 50%). Few of these are reformed drinkers – about 8% – most are for moral or religious reasons. But still the country has a problem, as a third of those who do drink do so to excess. When you add that to their drink driving figures, you can see the concern. Drink driving seems to lack the social stigma that it has in the UK. And they all seem to recognise that as a country they drive pretty badly, even when sober.

Meanwhile, getting alcohol here is an odd business when you’re used to UK norms. There are bars everywhere in Joberg. So the knowledge that it’s only there for the 30% who do drink feels weird. But getting alcohol to take home is a different matter. Supermarkets can only sell wine. Perhaps no-one’s told them wine contains alcohol. For beer and spirits, you have to go to special shops – the equivalent of off licences. But these are strictly regulated and kept in limited supply. Despite there being a large mall opposite us, I’ve singularly failed to find where you can buy beer – or what passes for it here (nasty lager). I did drink a bit of wine for the first week but have given up. It’s not my thing.

Back to Kapstaden. This is Andreas Norberg. He’s appeared on Acid Ted in a remix for Leav (here) last year. But this is his first time on 12-3 Recordings in his own right. This is a confident pair of tracks. They don’t follow 12-3’s usual template of house for prime time clubbing. This is all a bit woozier, a bit synthier, a bit more laid back. This is the feel of a few drinks too many at the point when you feel sleepy, rather than ready to fight or vomit. I love the feel of these tracks.

Here’s a great track called Cape Town Acid from Andreas. A bit more danceable than the ones above and available for free download:

Buy on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/invitation…ngle/id757395959

Buy on Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/invitati…ove-days/1202713

About: It’s been a long time coming, but I’m so glad that I finally got to sign these two originals by Kapstaden.

The talented Andreas Norberg allready made a name for himself last year with two stellar remixes on TwelveThree, and I was low key hoping to get some originals for our catalogue as well, so I’m more than happy that the first Cuts-release of 2014 comes from Kapstaden.

Invitation To Love and Days are to brilliant sibling tracks, dreamy, fluid and relentless. Made for your laidback early morning club as much as for high altitude headphone listening. Ruben

~ by acidted on January 19, 2014.

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