the Victim is not really as helpless as he feels, the Rescuer is not really helping, and the Persecutor does not really have a valid complaint


If I thought Wednesday was a crap day, yesterday was effortlessly worse. I started the week talking to some people about personal preferences and styles and understanding your own behavioural comforts and discomforts (I might return to that in a later post) and what that means for how you work best and worst.

Yesterday was more of a Karpman drama triangle. A lot of people snort derisively about these psychological constructs, and transactional analysis in particular, but in small doses I find these ways of looking at why people act as they do endlessly fascinating – in part because I find people so baffling much of the time. At its core, the model has three roles which people often take in a situation:

  • The person who plays the role of a victim
  • The person who pressures, coerces or persecutes the victim, and
  • The rescuer, who intervenes, seemingly out of a desire to help the situation or the underdog.

There’s a twist on this where the roles of persecutor – victim – rescuer seem clear and then you find a switch has taken place and the victim has become the persecutor and the rescuer has become the victim. Yesterday felt like watching one of those switches. The victim turned on the rescuer and became persecutor.

A bit of a fly trapped in a web moment. Which is a tenuous link into a lovely new remix from Catching Flies for Wilkinson. This is more of that lush ambient digital R&B influenced thing he does so well.

Wilkinson – Too Close (Catching Flies Remix)

~ by acidted on January 24, 2014.

3 Responses to “the Victim is not really as helpless as he feels, the Rescuer is not really helping, and the Persecutor does not really have a valid complaint”

  1. In my experience if these sort of ideas are introduced in the workplace it is not due to the company’s concern for the employee but as a method of turning the individual into more of a drone than they were previously and extracting what’s left of their individuality. At the moment it is Learner/Player guff.

    Sorry but I can’t help being cynical, some would say “adopting a typical victim attitude” but they of course would be talking pish.

  2. Wow! First the birthday party, then this….no wonder you’re knackered.

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