I’m for early mornings. Are you?


The early mornings are my time of day. Waiting for the sun to come up. Trying to make sure that I get my first – all important – cup of coffee down me in peace, before my son gets up. As I’ve said before, it has to be proper coffee. Fresh brewed, not instant.

I’ve been using a cafetiere for years. But for Christmas I got an Aerobie coffee maker from my sister. Given that this is listed under “High Performance Sports Toys”, and she’s a tea drinker, I was prety sceptical. It uses a little paper filter to make single cups. Claims to make smoother coffee than ordinary metal filters. And, blow me down, it does. Has improved my mornings by a factor of 12.7%. That’s 10% for the taste and 2.7% because it’s easier to get rid of the grounds.

A lovely reassuring cup of coffee means I’m more able to tackle some difficult music from thinds. This is a new track by the prolific thinds from Melbourne. It’s ambient as soundtrack to the start of a horror film. All bass whooshes and minimal drones. Creepy.

This can be purchased from Bandcamp for one of your dodgy Australian dollars – that’s just over one of the colonial American dollars and 50 of our lovely pence sterling.

On a more minimal tip, here‘s a free download (via sc)

And for anyone who wants to know more about the Aeropress, here’s a vid:

~ by acidted on January 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “I’m for early mornings. Are you?”

  1. I like sleeping late, but I’m keen on having my breakfast alone more, so I get to be an early riser too, especially on Sundays. The fact is, I can’t stand to have any form of interactions with other human beings before my first cup of coffee (I’m writing this safe in the knowledge that my wife and daughter won’t be able to understand it). As for the Aerobie coffee maker, hmmm, but if it improves your mornings good for you; the Poj Masta mug, on the other hand, is a touch of class.

  2. Agree on the no morning interaction or conversation before the first coffee. Even having to feed the cats pisses me off if I’ve not had my caffeine but it has to be done otherwise they sit at my feet, mewling and crying, until they’re fed and that pisses me off even more. *sigh*

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