Explosion in a genre factory


Dance music’s a pain with its addiction to genres and sub-genres. Allied to the tribalism that it can engender and that’s a recipe for constant fragmentation. Once you chuck in the irony of the US originating house and techno but then going for epic fail since (pretty much ignoring it in the 90s and then hello Skrillex) things become a bit of a mess. And it allows trainspotters (yes, I know, pot – kettle) to get into pedantic arguments over tiny nuances.

Occasionally you get a reverse ferret where someone tries to get a bigger following by trying to weld together a range of influences. So, the blah for Thomas Schumacher says “pays homage to mid-90’s Drum n Bass/Jungle” and that it’s “Inspired by a London-Berlin axis where Dub Step, House and Techno intertwine.” Huh? Makes it sound a real mess. It isn’t. This is house music with a cool use of sub-bass.

I’ll Do You has a classic sounding wailing female vocal with extra echo. Drums clatter and the bass line thrums.  Real groovy dance floor stuff. There’s a remix from Mineo who gives it more of a synthetic 80s sound. Dispensable. Turbo Turbo fare better with a remix that has an early 90s acid feel. Finally, 15 West 127th which has a more machine-music feel to it and some of that late 80s Chicago house sound.


And free downloadable mix (Best of 2013 Special!)


Thomas Schumacher feat. Caitlin – Every Little Piece (Hot Since 82 Remix) | Electric Ballroom Ten Walls – Gotham | Innvervisions Ten Walls – Reqiuem | Live and Death Glimpse – True South | AUS DJ Hyperactive – 25 Hours | Droid George Fitzgerald – Nighttide Lover (Trikk Re-Rub) | Hotflush Thomas Schumacher – Hush (Catz N Dogz 2013 Remix) | Pets Recordings Len Faki & Johannes Heil – The Octopuss | Figure Ninetoes – Finder | Kling Klong Andhim – Boy Boy Boy | Terminal M.

Blah: Electric Ballroom ushers in 2014 with I’LL DO YOU. Written and produced by Thomas Schumacher and his partner in crime Caitlin. I’LL DO YOU pays homage to mid-90’s Drum n Bass/Jungle licked into present day relevance by Thomas Schumacher and his cohort. Inspired by a London-Berlin axis where Dub Step, House and Techno intertwine I’LL DO YOU exposes how these dark brothers of Electronic Dance Music spawn. Hot Creations artist du jour Mineo delivers a cheeky, British interpretation with his trademark hooky, thumping basslines and unexpected twists and turns. Newcomers Turbo Turbo bring it with an Elektro-esque, some may even say Acidic take on Thomas Schumachers original. 15 West 127th has a big, booming kick, a hypnotic vocal sample and is based around a vintage synth sequence and a classic Chicago “clap-on-the-one” groove.

check: www.facebook.com/ElectricBallroomMusic www.facebook.com/ThomasSchumacherOfficial www.facebook.com/mineouk www.facebook.com/turboturbosound

~ by acidted on January 28, 2014.

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