Q BIG & Zenith – Exiled Mind / Matador


New drum and bass on Protect Audio. Exiled Mind is bassy but restrained. The drums drive this along with regular pauses for added tension. Almost too restrained. Matador is the better track with a crisp spring to its step. There’s a balance between the darkness of the bass and the skittering beats.

If you want more, here’s a mix on Protect Audio from Shiver:

Movement Music 33: SHIVER (Protect Audio / Diffrent / Flexout Audio)

Taking over the controls for episode 33 we have the up and coming talent Shiver. Plenty of dubs for the dnb heads on this mix including forthcoming releases on Diffrent and Flexout Audio from the man himself.

1. Hemoglobin – Ketones Under Control (Fearful Remix) [Authentic Music] 2. Hyroglifics – Ensnare [Dub] 3. Kyrist – Divergence [Proximity] 4. Shiver – Forfeit [Forthcoming Diffrent] 5. Fields – Colours [Forthcoming Utopia Music] 6. Incognito – Black Magic (Philth Remix) [Forthcoming Flexout Audio] 7. Xanadu – Ventricle [Dub] 8. Klax – Vendetta [Dub] 9. Cursa – Flange [Forthcoming Protect Audio] 10. Fourward – Guilty Pleasures [Forthcoming SGN:LTD] 11. Arkaik – Memories Lost [Free Download] 12. Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By [Symmetry] 13. Pennygiles, Roygreen & Protone – Misunderstanding VIP [Dub] 14. ??? – ??? [Protect Audio Dub] 15. Shiver – Crossover [Forthcoming Flexout Audio] 16. Logistics – Jungle Music [Hospital] 17. Xtrah – Groove Shadow [Symmetry] 18. Transparent – Double Up ft. D-Los [Forthcoming Structured Music]


Protect Audio return with with their tenth release, a deep 2014 opener showcasing the sound of QBIG & Zenith B. ‘Exiled Mind’ and ‘Matador’ bring a release of percussive dexterity and bassline finesse; a winter essential for the early morning rave.

Liquid maestro QBIG makes an appearance on this high-production valued record by mixing his daintily rolling basslines with Zenith B’s dark allure. What’s great about this record is the that you expect it to roll out one way, but the building crescendo of malevolent drums and wavering pitches pulls it in a completely different direction.

This duo has definitely twisted minimalism into foreboding percussion and breaks which will leave you guessing. Don’t expect a track full of pretension as the producers have been too busy creating a record that’s structure is as impervious as its sound.

www.facebook.com/QbigZenithB www.facebook.com/ProtectAudio www.twitter.com/protectaudio

~ by acidted on January 30, 2014.

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