The return of Pavlov’s Goldfisch


House piano alert.

The other week I was talking about my Pavlovian reaction to house piano when I said “A bit of choppy piano and I’m anyone’s. I skip round the kitchen like some kind of gurning noob on their first e. Pathetic.”

Swiss Adam kindly pointed me in the direction of Kölsch’s Der Alte. This may be more than two years old but was unknown to me. Now, this is a tune with choppy piano. Like everywhere. More piano stabs than a piano version of Psycho. And strings. Lots of strings. It’s all a bit sugar rush. It’s kind of too much over the full 9 minute version. And then I came across another tune by Kölsch which is better. This is from his 1977 album. Goldfisch has cools drums, interesting piano organ and handclaps. An amazing track. But SA was also here before me. As he said “Goldfisch repeats the trick he pulled off on Der Alte with lovely housey piano, low tech beats and a sense of euphoria from start to finish. Minimal, repetitive bliss.” Sigh. Late again. Still worth the post mind.

Kölsch – Goldfisch

Kölsch – Der Alte – Original Mix

If you want a Bagging Area download for Der Alte try here.

Order the 1977 CD or 2LP over at KOMPAKT.FM:

~ by acidted on January 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “The return of Pavlov’s Goldfisch”

  1. I can’t get enough of Der Alte. Makes me happy

  2. What’s more I figured out the piano part on an actual piano the other day. Quite pleased with myself.

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