Bryan Ford Shoe Tree EP


Finally, D makes her reviewing debut for 2014. She takes some downtempo dubby electronica as her first offering.

Some lovely, chilled sounds from Bryan Ford on this three track EP. Opener ‘Lead Belly’ has a  static intro before segueing into a melodious combo of twanging, reverberating guitar and soft, deep bass. An amusingly quirky vocal sample permeates ‘Bob Rob Ramage,’ while the sliding guitar, stuttering drums and reggae-ish bass flit playfully around on top. The eponymous final track is a more conventional but nonetheless pleasing hybrid of melodic synth, gently throbbing bass and twirling keys emphasising the overall summery feel of all three tracks. Very warming indeed.

Lead Belly

Shoe Tree

Bob Rob Ramage

Shoe Tree EP (clips)

Blurb: Bryan Ford’s Shoe Tree EP is a cohesive package from Revolutionary Music featuring three strikingly gorgeous yet haunting downtempo electronic tracks that rely on live instrumentation rather than samples. One should expect nothing less from Ford, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and remixer … basically an all-around studio wizard based in Chicago. The Shoe Tree EP is Bryan’s first official release in two years, debuting a string of releases scheduled for 2014. Videos have been produced for each of its cuts … rightfully so as the release’s overall psychedelic mystique is perfect for pairing with visuals.

Ford dusts off any production blues nicely with “Lead Belly,” opening in warm static and chords before the bass hits, alongside perfectly situated percussion, joined by swirling electric guitar riffs. “Bob Rob Ramage” operates in the realm of dub with a Jamaican ragga-style bass line, a synth melody that transports the listener straight to Bali, and rapid-fire, but loose, timpani drums. Cryptically, one can also hear the ramblings of a strange gentleman run in the background. The bright and slightly spacey funk-based “Shoe Tree” features high pitched synths, a distorted bass, and gentle keys that play amongst light percussion to nicely close out the EP. All in all, Bryan Ford’s latest is sure to treat the minds of anyone searching for a greater groove.

~ by acidted on January 31, 2014.

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