blaow blaow blaow!!!


I fear the young speak a language I can no longer understand. “blaow blaow blaow!!!” What does this mean? I’m assuming good but I’m really none too certain. And “bear”. What’s that all about? This is also a statement of approval?

I begin to wonder whether Seba means something of which I should be aware. But I think it’s an abbreviation of Sebastian Ahrenberg, the Swedish owner of the Secret Operations label. It is therefore with some relief that I turn to his forthcoming Mesmerism EP. This is more quality drum and bass from Seba. It has his skittering drums, dubbed style and deep bass. This manages to be recognisable but also fresh. Everything’s terribly precise, whether it’s the echoing of Mesmerism or the lighter, more melodic, spaced out sound of Physikl. It’s all bear good.

~ by acidted on February 1, 2014.

One Response to “blaow blaow blaow!!!”

  1. […] fact, it’s a new mix from Sweden’s Seba, ahead of his Mesmerism EP (reviewed previously here) which is out tomorrow. The mix is from those nice folk at Do Androids Dance. Free […]

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