The giraffe that invented outer space


Different Music is a drum and bass label ploughing its own furrow (or perhaps eating from a different part of the tree). This has as much in common with the headmusic of IDM than it does with the skewed baseball cap brigade of drum and bass. They released their Evolution of the Giraffe album last year to celebrate 20 releases (review here) and now here’s the first offering from Dexta and Hyroglifics as a Fusion Single.

Before that I thought we’d ask Chris Dexta, who runs the label, about how a DJ ended up with a label and a giraffe as logo.

1. How the devil are you?

I used to go under the name Devils Clone at one point… Do be careful!! Haha, all good thanks matey and you?

2. You’re a North London boy. What were your musical influences growing up?

Yeah, I grew up in North London, but there was absolutely zero musical culture anywhere near where I lived! I suppose my musical influences were sitting at home trying to tune into to pirate radio waves, watching music videos on the box, and this really strange CD/Tape subscription that my mother and I used to get, where they’d keep sending you music, if you didn’t like it you return it and they send you more. Found a lot of cool stuff with that as it goes, including the Jungle Mania compilations! Still have them to this day!

3. You don’t seem to have done music at school. So how did you end up doing sound design at University?

Someone’s been spying on my linked in page! Basically while I was at school I’d acquired a pair of decks, and started collecting UKG and Breaks vinyl, learnt how to mix and started playing house parties and DJing with my mates at the time. I’d also found a copy of fruity loops demo which I use to leave open on my mum’s PC for weeks on ends because you couldn’t actually save anything until you “Render it finished”. After I finished school I took a music production and studio engineering course at a local studio in Barnet. I learnt the ins and outs of a studio and got hooked on it, got a job and saved up for studio equipment and cracked on.

The Sound Design course at LCC was really useful, although I knew pretty much all of what we got taught there, but it was nice to meet other like minded people, and socialise with them get to know and work together. It was through this I got quite attached to D&B, as a few of my fellow students were avid D&B heads, I was a bit of a wanderer with no kind of direction, and I suppose without that year of study who knows what I’d be saying now!

4. I know you’ve said before that you were unemployed before Diffrent but what made you decide to set up a label in 2010, rather than simply be an artist?

I was never confident to send out or release my own music, I knew the equipment pretty well and the methods needed to create a record, I just had no style or direction. By 2007/8 I was DJing on radio a lot, and getting sent a lot of unsigned music, and loved what the D&B labels at the time were doing and thought I’d love a crack at that, so I did.

5. The aim of Diffrent is “to release fresh, high quality music that we truly love and believe in rather than releasing music just to make sales.” How does that aim affect what you do?

Well, to be totally honest, year 1, people heard our music and then probably thought to themselves ‘what the hell is this non formal 170 music’. Fast forward 3 years, and it’s all the rage. Don’t know if that’s a direct answer to your question, but I think it speaks a lot for itself.

6. Given what’s happened over the last 4 years, what advice would you give someone contemplating setting up a setting up a label today?

I’ve always said it from day one, and will most def take it to the grave. Learn your trade inside out. Practise, learn, most importantly, Listen. Try and seek advice and help from other labels, they’re not all money snatching majors!

7. Your new release is called a ‘Fusion Single’ with where two artists come together, each with a solo offering and a joint effort for the title track. Where did that idea come from?

I was in bed only last night, and about 1,000 ideas came into my head. When I came to sending out the promo email, it just came back to me. I don’t think the release is a ‘Single’ and it’s not an ‘EP’, why can’t we change up the game a little? It’s art, not maths.

8. You said last year “I have planned and drawn up a little outline rough schedule for 2014 and without giving too much away, each release contains collaborations, both small and large.” Care to elaborate further about plans for 2014?

Small collaborations as in 2 artists, larger ones where there’s so many people in the studio that we had forgotten who was involved!

9. What tune do you hum along to that we wouldn’t expect (non-D&B)?

Usually old classic dance grooves, I’m planning my birthday party at the moment and we’re going in 1990’s theme. So I’m listening and humming a lot of the old dance classics! ‘Mr Vein’ for example!

10. Finally, what’s with the giraffe (Leonard) in the logo?

Some say he came from outer space. Some say he invented outer space. Who knows?

So, the first of these Fusion singles is from Dexta and Hyroglifics and their shared track is Boxgroove. This is a skanking little tune, with the half-temponess likely to give some dance floor confusion. But the deepness of the bass should sort people out. Hyroglifics offers Move Over, which owes as much to hip hop as it does to drum and bass. Interesting, rather than exciting. Finally, Dexta offers The Dogz. No going to the dogs here, more the dogs dangly bits. Best thing here. Really punchy swaggering track.

And, if you want a free download, how about GiraffeCast 015

Tracklist: Conduct “Codeine Dreams” [Diffrent Dub] Z-Connection “Untitled” [Diffrent Dub] Hyroglifics “Bash1” [Diffrent Dub] Mtwn “Four” [Diffrent Dub] Nick Modern & Sektion “Seductive” [Adapt Dub] Interline “Subtle” [Nurtured Beatz Dub] Arkaik “Wax VIP” [Diffrent Dub] Dexta “The Dogz” [Diffrent Dub] Cirrus “Shiver Shrapnel (L33 Remix)” [Terra Null Dub] Commitment “Unwrap” [Diffrent Dub] Arkaik & Coma “Gain” [Diffrent Dub] Mystic State & Elias Traynor “Faded” [Dub] Apostroph “Stecher” [Dub] Dexta & Mauoq “Slugger (Sluggarage Bootleg)” [Diffrent Free] Dominic Ridgway “Deceive Me” [Dub] Kolectiv x Dexta x Mauoq “Human Sacrifice” [Dispatch Dub] Kije “You Know Me” [Diffrent Dub] Clima “All Floats On Now” [Dub] Dexta & Hyroglifics “Boxgroove” [Diffrent Dub] M-Zine & Scepticz x Axon “Shuttlecock” [Diffrent Dub] Dominic Ridgway & Rawst “Primitive” [Absys Free] Hyroglifics “Move Over” [Diffrent Dub]

Other info: 21st March 2014 ~ Diffrent Music 4th Birthday ~

Evolution Of The Giraffe LP ** OUT NOW ** @

T-Shirts, Music & Tickets ** ON SALE ** @

Following the ‘Evolution Of The Giraffe LP’, Diffrent Music shows early signs of evolution. The first release of 2014, a ‘Fusion Single’ format release where Dexta & Hyroglifics come together, each with a solo offering and a joint effort for the title track. ‘Boxgroove’ is a punchy, half-time dance-floor designed GiraffeStep mover, featuring loads of nosies from the Roland MC303 Groovebox, and slow/fast drum patterns that make that neck crack. ‘Move Over’ is Hyroglifics entry to the Pink Giraffe label, a Hip-Hop swag style anthem that brings out the meatiest bass face you’ve ever performed. ‘The Dogz’ titled as it was initially made just for people that look like dogs, is Dexta’s first ever solo effort, and keeps it rolling all the way through for a slice of his take on ‘giraffe-jungle’.

Release date: 24/02/2014 Format: Digital Download Genre: Drum&Bass Catalogue number: DIFF021

Follow Dexta: Follow Hyroglifics:

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