The return of Thievery Corporation


Thievery Corporation are a bit like Billy Bragg. You love the more political tracks for the way that they don’t take the easy mainstream path. But sneakily you enjoy it more when they turn to love. Much as I like things like Culture of Fear, Lebanese Blonde is the better track with its deceptively simple downtempo charms.

Their work has always had soft influences from dub, Indian, Middle Eastern and South American music. But rarely has one style dominated. It’s therefore going to be interesting to see what happens  with new album Saudade (a Portuguese word meaning “a longing for something or someone that is lost, a contented melancholy, or, simply, the presence of absence”) about which Rob Gaza says “This album is really about mine and Eric’s love of bossa nova music and jazz and cinematic soundtrack music from the late ’60s and early ’70s.” The album’s due out on 1 April.

Here’s a track from the forthcoming album. Depth of my Soul features Shana Halligan. This has less bossa nova and more cinematic music, think The Italian Job. It’s lush, string driven and shyly epic.

An example of an earlier Brazilian tune is Só com Você – Thievery Corporation & Bebel Gilberto

And finally let’s have the classic Lebanese Blonde

~ by acidted on February 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “The return of Thievery Corporation”

  1. Erm.. actually ‘Lebanese Blonde’ is not strictly a love song, since it’s about getting high: the Lebanese Blonde is a particularly strong variety of hashish. Why I keep collecting these sorts of trivia I don’t know: I never took any kind of drug in my whole life..

  2. An entire TC album of Brazilian vibes is good news indeed. Kinda lost interest in these guys for a while – “Saudade” will be a welcome return. Thanks Ted.

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