What were the beaches like when you were young?


You can keep The Orb and the fluffy clouds. When I was young it was about a sunburnt back from too many hours scouring the beach for shells and the rock pools for crayfish and crabs. Looking back on it, my parents seemed to be engaged on a strange tour of all the fading seaside resorts on the South coast of England and North Wales. Swanage, Bognor Regis, Eastbourne, Weston Super Mare, Lyme Regis, Rhyl, Llandudno, Conway (as it was then), Colwyn Bay and Penmaenmawr.

You might have heard of most of them. But I doubt many will have heard of the last. This was an odd choice for a two week holiday. It is right in North Wales and that’s a long way from London. It took all day to get there. At least that’s what I remember. Checking train times, it’s only just over 3 hours today. But I think we went by car and there were fewer motorways then, especially in Wales. The place itself was small, perched on a narrow strip of land beside glowering hills. The economy was based around quarrying, with the usual nondescript Victorian granite housing. But it had been a holiday favourite of Victorians, especially Gladstone, looking to take ‘the air’. There wasn’t much to do but it did have an amazingly huge beach on which me and my sister could run around for hours – when it wasn’t raining. And sometimes even then.


Meanwhile, Discoforgia has teamed up with Fico to be Diano Marines and do their tribute to beaches of their youth. This is a rather lovely upbeat house track with more than a passing nod to the sound of the early 90s. Free download.

Me and my bro Federico Touscoz (aka Fico) joined our forces and became “Diano Marines”, an house-music tribute to those beaches where we spent our childhood and where we will come back to one day.

This is our firts track and it’s dedicated to our beloved “Bagni Kursaal” in Diano Marina (IM) www.kursaaldianomarina.com/

Play in the sand/sun with us.

Train pic from http://www.hondawanderer.com/37275_Penmaenmawr_1995.htm



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9 Responses to “What were the beaches like when you were young?”

  1. Going to Cornwall from Airdrie towing a caravan that was a long journey without dvd players, ipods or even a walkman. Kids these days don’t realise how easy they’ve got it!

  2. I’ve stayed in Penmaenwawr- strange place, hardly even a place. Climbing the hillls behind it is fun/frightening

  3. Diano Marina is really close to the place I spend my summer holidays in August (let’s just say that Diano’s the next in line in the Via Aurelia..), and it’s a beautiful little town. Today it’s raining, and all I’m thinking of is sand and spaghetti allo scoglio.. damn.. it’s all your fault..

    • never had spaghetti allo scoglio before. Is it good?

      • If it’s done right, one of the best pasta dishes. Apart from the freshness of the seafood, the most important thing is the tomato sauce’s quality. The wondrous thing about it actually happens after you’ve finished the spaghetti and you start scraping up the tomato sauce with bread: it’s called ‘fare la scarpetta’. Eat it in a seaside restaurant, a nice bottle of cold white wine at your side (or a light beer, if you like), nice company and.. well, that’s it. Obviously, being me, I must add what we Italians always say in these occasions: ‘I know a place..’

      • ..and here’s the beach where each summer I get my enviable suntan: http://turismo.provincia.savona.it/sites/default/files/immagini/stabilimento_balneare/188_3.jpg

      • Diano Marina reminds me of my infamous year of military service, when unfortunately it was still mandatory, and the fragrance of a freshly baked “farinata di ceci” (one of Liguria typical dishes) not to mention the cool evening breeze at those spring beaches… all nostalgic, these days? 😛

      • Joor, I guess everybody’s sick of winter and reminishing about past summers. Farinata’s great there, I agree, focaccia’s even better. Or simply fresh bread with a drop of Ligurian olive oil.. and a glass of ice cold white wine.. hmm.. gotta organize a trip to the seaside.

  4. […] Nitth offered that cheeky comment on my “What were the beaches like when you were young?” post. To which the flippant answer is, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. But it is […]

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