Hamza – Gitano


A delightful composite of several musical styles in Hamza’s ‘Gitano’ beginning with the energetic beats of ‘New York 2 New Delhi’ underpinned by keyboard stabs, euphoric synth and a couple of nice breaks to help things along. The Latin influence, all rapid percussion, vocal scat and some serious bongo work permeates ‘Ritmo Del Amor’ and ‘Blue Groove’ producing a vibrant, upbeat feel, real summer in the park stuff.

The title track ‘Gitano’ again relies heavily on the South American connection with its fluttering flamenco guitar and click clacking percussion – the additional Gypsy King-style vocals unnecessary and dated in my opinion –  but this time augmented by some deft xylophone work undulating beneath and working nicely with the rich, roaming bass. ‘Tech Me To Havana’ is a sweet blend of  Latin vocals, crunchy synths and lyrical jazz horns, all very funked up and danceable. Final track, ‘Let The Music Play On’ maintains the overall vitality of the album with its exuberant flute work, ricocheting synth, fat bass and effervescent handclaps creating an exhilarating, joyful sound. Lovely.

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Blurb: Inspired by his own travels and life on three different continents (South Asia, Europe, and North America), Wind Horse Records owner Hamza has reached a milestone in his first full-length album, Gitano. It’s the culmination of a prolific five years for the Indian producer. The title of the album, Gitano, is Spanish for gypsy, a feeling embodied in the many different sonic landscapes wandered in and out of across the ten track release, touching on Latin, celtic, flamenco, funk, and jazz influences within its house music foundation.

Hamza’s trademark elements are all present in this emotive album: uplifting melodies, sparkling production, warm bass lines, and well-placed breakdowns. His musical mission has been to seamlessly merge floor-driving deep and tech-house styles with a reverent helping of global musical traditions in addition to Hamza’s clear south Asian influences. For Gitano he incorporates even more cultural trademarks.

Gitano marks the fifth year of Wind Horse Records as the imprint continues to pioneer the deep house movement in India with releases, parties, and ground-breaking collaborations. Having developed the country’s many talented resources for export to the outside world, Wind Horse has recently been incorporating more remixers from the West, encouraging a two-way global relationship. Hamza has also been working to expose an Indian audience to the possibilities of house music through his Sunday Sundowner parties in New Delhi where he is joined by other artists from the Wind Horse roster. Hamza aims to take this party to other parts of India, incorporating homegrown talent, and inspiring a pan-Indian house music movement. More world tours will follow as Hamza further exposes his special mixture of house and world music to global dance floors. As evidenced by the sound of Gitano, Hamza and Wind Horse Records have big dreams, and Wind Horse’s evolution on the world stage never fails to captivate. 

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Released by: Wind Horse Records
Release/catalogue number: WHR020
Release date: Feb 24, 2014

~ by acidted on February 26, 2014.

One Response to “Hamza – Gitano”

  1. Nice. Thanks,

    Is the a glockenspiel in the mix?

    Reminds me a bit of a couple of the Shape Navigator 12’s on Guerilla.

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