Exclusive acid track


Acid, fully formed from the womb. Almost. A cracking acid track for you that sounds as if it were produced by one of the early 90s masters. Except it wasn’t. It was produced by Matthew Ashcroft who was barely even born as the 90s closed, since he is the seemingly unfeasible age of 15.

As for his background, he says he’s nearly 16 and that he’s been making music since he was 11.  On influences, he says “I’d only ever listened to Pendulum back then, but after an article on the Guardian brought up Kraftwerk, that led me to techno. I produced some music as The Pentagon Soundsystem for a bit but I ended that last year when I started making a synth-pop album under my own name.”

Synth-pop’s been dropped in favour of acid. Good job too. The track he’s offering – Choral Neats – comes fully formed and bears comparisons with any of the classic early 90s producers. Few people can manage an 11 minute track without your interest flagging. But this manages it. Starts all cool and miminal before gradually unwinding the acid influences and clattering beats. If you were ever ‘lost’ in the 90s, this is for you. The track is from his forthcoming Polybius 1 album.

Buy here:

If we’re lucky we might have a remix of htis track shortly.


~ by acidted on February 27, 2014.

3 Responses to “Exclusive acid track”

  1. Damn it is good. And he’s my students’ age. Impressive.

  2. […] might remember we had an exclusive track from Matthew R Ashcroft and his Choral Neats track. Now, it’s had a remix from CRX091081GB (previously here). This matches the ambition of […]

  3. […] remember Matthew R Ashcroft’s acid techno from early this year and the acid techno track Choral Neats or the album Polybius 1. He’s back in December with his new album. Polybius 2. In advance, […]

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