12-3 Let’s change direction


Just when you think you know someone, they do something weird. 12-3 Recordings does house music. Silky smooth, lush house music. Always quality. But with a particular style and template. And now Skwuun goes and overturns that with an EP of electronic bassness on the Cendatre EP.

The title track is a blooping bit of space house electronics. There’s a vastness between the sounds and reverb all around. This pitches itself around a downtempo pace but never quite settling. Really interesting track. Frikoundi is a mooged symphonic piece. Only on Stuanda does the EP misfire. A UK bass piece with shifting beats that jars.

And here’s a free Skwuun track to download

Buy on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/cendatre-single/id791358841

Buy on Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/cendatre-ep/1226061

About: Are you ready to get weird? Swedish Skwuun makes his first appearance on TwelveThree with three truly original tracks. A-side Cendatre is a beauty: alluring and delightful. It’s a relentless electronic track that just can’t be forgotten after once being heard, timeless. It does differ from the two follow up tracks though. Frikoundi and Struanda are bass heavy, garagy productions that both feel like stepping in to a mid ninties warehouse rave, peak hour. And then get time warped to 2060. Where Skwuun is the emperor of weird-and-pounding, smoke filled future, teleporters and lasers included.

I absolutely love it! Ruben

Release specs:

Artist: Skwuun Title: Cendatre EP Cat: 123REC074 Release date: 19-02-2014


~ by acidted on February 28, 2014.

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