Danger – Falling Acid Techno


You might remember we had an exclusive track from Matthew R Ashcroft and his Choral Neats track. Now, it’s had a remix from CRX091081GB (previously here). This matches the ambition of the original 11 minute track by turning in an 11 minute remix.

CRX091081GB says “I tried to stay true to Matthew’s original structure and just switch it up a notch with liberal amounts of distortion, compression, resonant filters and reverb. I kept the drum separates in the sampler and enjoyed myself transcribing and re-tracking the 303 part on my x0xi0 and 101. They’re nice patterns so it was a lot of fun playing with them.” I think he means it’s a noisy remix.

Where the original track had a classic old school precise acid feel, the CRX091081GR remix is everything turned up to 11. He gives us something darker and more intense. The drums batter, the bass slouches with malevolence. The acid squiggles are wired to explode. This is the original given a hoodie and a bad attitude. No respect these youngsters. Bring back National Service. It’s the only thing that will learn them.

For those not from the UK, a N.E.E.T. or neet is a Government definition for a young person who is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”.


Original track

~ by acidted on March 7, 2014.

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