Don’t worry. Don’t be sad.


Some drum and bass this weekend. It’s been a while since we had any. Today, a fine podcast from Mako which includes the quote ‘In each man’s life there comes the moment when his heart must either burst or turn to stone’ from Robison in Space. My quote at the top is from the boy.

This podcast contains a number of unreleased tracks but is always precision sharp drum and bass with a satisfying use of bass and a jazzy sensibility. Free download.

untitled – untitled (Utopia Music)
untitled – untitled (Warm Communications)
Spectrasoul – The Gift (Shogun Audio)
Mutt ft. Kevin King – Conversations (Rene la Vice & Gremlinz remix)
untitled – untitled (Symmetry Recordings)
Mako – Do You Know What I’m Saying? (Dispatch)
Mako – Planet Physical (Dispatch)
Roygreen & Protone – Speak the Truth (Demand)
untitled – untitled (Utopia Music)
Mikal – Spiritual (Utopia Music)
untitled – untitled (dub)
DLR – Bridge The Gap (Utopia Music)
untitled – untitled (dub)
Chromatic – Lung (?)
Djrum Vs – Onoe Caponoe – Milkyway 1311 (Djrum remix)
Mako ft. Detail – Tell Me Something (Metalheadz)
untitled – untitled
Andyskopes – untitled (?)
Mako – There’s nothing we can’t be (Dispatch)
Mako & Villem – We Could Help Each Other (Dispatch)

~ by acidted on March 8, 2014.

3 Responses to “Don’t worry. Don’t be sad.”

  1. No heart of stone could have had such wounds. No terminally broken heart could have the strength to show them with so much brutal sincerity. You are strong.
    Stay true to your nature.
    Stay strong.

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