Hyse EP


New six track EP from lush housters When 5am. Free download.

I’m not normally a big fan of vocal house but When 5am can manage to take delicate house, a slug of garage bass and a dash of the xx to produce a delightful cocktail. Calling your opener Castlemorton should be cue for something crusty and pounding. But no. Delicate house is the order of the day. A really lovely track. Rouen tries the same approach but without quite the same result. The vocal is a bit… Whitney. Phoe operates more in UK bass territory and doesn’t quite move beyond generic.

Get In Love remains a beautiful track. It’s house but with that digital R&B influence that leaves something delicate and original. Even has the confidence to have a pause part way through. Merc is the hardest track here. It’s a more IDM approach and the lack of vocals leave it with a welcome brisk coldness. LXI is the final track and has that same delicacy. There are similar disembodied vocals, with more of a soul feel. But still full of little catchy melodies operating just beyond the foreground. A beautiful closer.



~ by acidted on March 11, 2014.

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