Time for tech house


Tech house from Steve Leroy on his own Deep Cover label (previously here). This isn’t out until next month but is still worth a listen, for its classic influences blended into the tech house template. He takes a fairly straightforward tech house groove on The Devil’s Ride and then adds some wonderful 90s synths to get a throbbing neo-trance track. Time Lapse changes the trance synths for something more pulsing, akin to a dub techno approach to melody. Lost is perhaps the slightest of the three tracks but adds some growling synths for some techno potency. The Devil’s Ride gets a Road Man remix for a more techno take on the original. Really nice package for those mourning the passing of the 90s.

And here’s a freebie download from Steve, which goes for a more classic deep house approach:

Steve Leroy – Consumed

Available April 8th Exclusively on Beatport.com Available April 22nd Everywhere www.beatport.com/label/deep-cover/33690

Blurb: Deep Cover’s sixth release features label head Steve Leroy. The Devil’s Ride EP solidifies this concept not once, not even twice, but three times over. The proverbial “ride” starts out with the title track, “The Devil’s Ride”. An inaugural track bent on a slow-grow introduction with an increasingly building synth and riding hats. Pushing forward into the trip, Time Lapse, a melodic Tech-House track driven in a seamless ebb and flow of various synths and textures is carried with a heavy bass that makes any speaker system thump. Following up the time lapse is “Lost” This track is characterized through deep-feel thriller, lead primarily by an agitated reverberated synth. Leroy’s Road Man Mix brings the “The Devil’s Ride” back around again with a heavy techno grinder for a possible twist of fate.

www.Deep-Cover.com www.twitter.com/DeepCoverMusic www.twitter.com/Steve_Leroy

~ by acidted on March 19, 2014.

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