Left of Centre


So, I posted Leftfield’s classic Not Forgotten on my This Is My Jam. Like many of these social media things I don’t entirely know what I’m doing but it reminds me to post a classic dance track every week and that’s fine and fun in so far as it goes.

This time, there was a reaction from Colin Cameron Allrich (Slighter) who unbeknownst to me has done a rather fine Leftfield B Sides mixtape. He says “My favorite B-Sides and alternate mixes from my Leftfield vinyl collection, remastered & lightly mixed.” It’s not downloadable as far as I can work out. This isn’t Leftfield in their hard dance mode but something lighter but identifiably techno, dubbier and a bit more … leftfield.

1.Original (Drift) byLeftfield

2.Afro Sol byLeftfield

3.Release Four byLeftfield

4.Swords (Revisited) byLeftfield

5.More Than I Know (More) byLeftfield

6.Fanfare For Life byLeftfield

7.Original Jam byLeftfield

~ by acidted on March 20, 2014.

2 Responses to “Left of Centre”

  1. Totally digging this mix. Play loud! Play often!

  2. On it.

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