A whippersnapper from Russia


Eddie Shinn. Sounds like a barrow boy from Deptford with a line in moody DVD players. Actually, he’s a 20 year old whippersnapper from Russia and he’s produced this lovely album of downtempo, funky tunes.

The cheery opener, ‘Disco Stu,’ merges tumbling piano keys, horn breaks and rolling drums before giving way to the more overtly funky ‘Far And Away,’ with its blend of gentle keyboard stabs, percussive elements and undulating bass. Quirky vocal samples add a nice touch to ‘Work All Night And All Day,’ the subtle keyboards, horn breaks and rumbling bass characteristic of the album as a whole. The leftfield vocal samples return in ‘Dead Night’ which follows in much the same vein as the previous tracks, the smoothly funky melody daring you to remain still. ‘Look Like’ is carried along by a delightful blend of keyboards, percussion and bongos producing a mellow but uber funky rhythm. The tender vibe of ‘Next Point,’ with its scratchy intro, vocal samples, stuttering horns and tap tapping beats is a languid finale to this appealing collection of tunes.

Review by D

Eddie Shinn – The Sketches of Scratches

Blurb: A label many downtempo fans are familiar with, Cold Busted is back with a new album, using their standing to release music from a mysterious artist from a distant locale. The Sketches Of Scratches album is the second release on the label for Eddie Shinn, a 20 year old artist from Ulyanovsk, Russia. That’s about all the information available on the young producer and that’s okay because the music can speak for itself. The mantra for this release is dusty downtempo cuts with so much soul and melodic application of the ‘scratches’ hinted at in the title.

The album contains many highlights. Classy pianos, keys, and brass with plenty of drum rolls, make the breezy “Disco Stu” a great sign of what’s to come. A sort of funk fusion, “Far and Away” is much more cut up with bursts of beat repeats and some great use of samples and sound effects. “Dead Night” features a lazy, low-down disco vibe with stuttering vocal bits. Coming through with an infectious breakbeat and party ready cheers, “Look Like” could beckon even the most discerning dancers to get up and get down. “Work All Night And All Day” and “Next Point” both use horns to differing effect, while at the same time continuing to carry the tone of the album. Eddie Shinn’s The Sketches Of Scratches puts Ulyanovsk solidly on the Cold Busted map, seducing global headz with its infectious ‘Volga beats.’

Label and Artist Links:

Released by: Cold Busted
Release/catalogue number: CBSPECIAL25
Release date: Mar 18, 2014

~ by acidted on March 21, 2014.

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