What hath night to do with sleep?


Here’s a track for late nights. HAWKES delivers a quality piece of acid techno. Free download.

From a proper kick drum start to the hollow drums and warped rave sirens. Lick The Crystal is made for late nights and very early mornings. The blinking, staggering into daylight. The pounding of your heart, fit to burst from it all. Hawkes says “Lick the Crystal” is inspired by acid house, acid, and late nights. The distorted sounds are reminiscent of being at an outdoor festival well into the evening. Against the pitch black backdrop of night: bright lights, people and sounds cut through the darkness for moments in time, burning lasting memories into one’s mind.”

As for what he looks to in a track, he says “For me, a song should never be one thing. It shouldn’t be just a tool for the dance floor or a candy for the earbuds. A good song will thrive in all of those settings, plus inspire the listener. I think a song from any genre has that potential, and my preferred genre to work in is techno. But I don’t let that restrict me too much. Beyond having a strong kick drum and a darker edge, I’m open to anything happening.”

As for himself, “HAWKES is a new project of mine and a side effect of having moved to North Carolina after living in San Francisco for 6 years. Getting out of the city helped me shed a lot of self imposed pressures and ‘must dos’. This new found freedom is extremely liberating, refreshing and has let me focus completely on writing. I’m left handed, originally from Iowa, and since moving to the south am getting very into BBQ.”

~ by acidted on March 22, 2014.

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