That cruel culture had eventually taken its toll


Worcester-based Protect Audio are back with some lovely downtempo drum and bass from Cruel Culture & Keosz. But otherwise this is the post in which we (or at least I) discover the word portamento, which I have to admit I first assumed was a misspelling. This new two tracker – Sorrow/Thought – is out at the end of the month.

Sorrow is a gentle track driven by slow piano and crisp beats. It’s all minor keys and descending tones/moods. Just right for a bit of maudlin. Thought is the stronger track. A lovely sub-bass and wafting vocals drifting around the place give it a sense of reflection and simultaneous hope. It aches with possibilities.

For those who care about these things:

Portamento (plural: portamenti, a noun meaning literally “carriage” or “carrying”) is a musical term that describes pitch sliding from one note to another. The term originated from the Italian expression “portamento della voce” (carriage of the voice), denoting from the beginning of the 17th century its use in vocal performances[1] and its emulation by members of the violin family and certain wind instruments,[2] and is sometimes used interchangeably with anticipation.[3] It is also applied to one type of glissando as well as to the “glide” function of synthesizers.

And here’s a podcast for free download


1. Mindmapper & June Miller – Vessel 2. Axon – Sttr 3. Acid Lab – Vortex 4. Es.tereo – Agypt (Clarity Remix) 5. Keosz & Fearful – Scars feat. Blacklouis 6. Acid Lab – The Complex 7. Enei – Trainchaser 8. Data & K2 – Termination 9. Clarity & Overlook – Chinatown 10. Acid Lab – Drone 11. Cruel Culture – Telepathy Dub 12. Enei – Thin Line 13. Clarity – Parallels 14. Cruel Culture & Keosz – Untitled Dub 15. Freeze – Arrival 16. Dub Phizix – Codec 17. Hyroglifics – Soundboy 18. Ivy Lab – Afterthought feat. Frank Carter III 19. Mindmapper & June Miller – Bermuda

Blurb: Taking time out from the heavy influx of bass packed productions, Protect Audio returns with a promise of soul and serenity courtesy of PA newcomers, Cruel Culture & Keosz. Opening to tranquil keys and the sound of a distant downpour, ‘Sorrow’ creates an air of reflection as a carefully precise portamento reigns through the dynamic bassline while meticulously produced pads carry throughout.

~ by acidted on March 24, 2014.

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