The Medicine Man – Untitled 2 (Black Star Music)


Sublime sounds from The Medicine Man in the form of some pulsating techno. 

The dense beat of the compelling ‘Clouds’ provides a solid, steady rhythm for the emerging waves of oscillating synth which surge back and forth in rich, rippling formations, gradually building to an inexorable wall of sound. Intense and gorgeous.

In contrast, ‘9 Light Years’ is the nervy, agitated relation with its scratchy, growling backdrop, sharp beat and intense ricochets. The neurotic tone subsides a little midway as some playful, almost twinkling, melodic synth sneaks in trying to lighten the mood, before finally admitting defeat and allowing the track to return to its hypnotically menacing roots. 

My kind of techno.

Review by D

And a mixtape

Blurb: Blue Bass presents the seventh release of sub-label Black Star MusicUntitled 2is the new two track project from mysterious production outfit The Medicine Man. Following in the path of the previous Untitled release on the label, the sequel offers two deep techno tracks with minimal progressions that alter the flow in subtle, but effective ways. Differing somewhat in mood, both “Clouds” and “9 Light Years” lend their own perspectives on techno ambience, chord sequencing, and hypnotic grooves. The slower counterpart, “Clouds,” drifts along to the inhale and exhale of filtered synth stabs, at times disappearing into the pads. “9 Light Years” speeds up the same sonic qualities, introducing a narcotic melody that eventually bursts into bright arpeggiations, giving a sense of travel. The release shows The Medicine Man ready to heal any DJ ailments at their very core.

Label and Artist Links: @bluebasspromotions

~ by acidted on March 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Medicine Man – Untitled 2 (Black Star Music)”

  1. Wonderful review, D. Wish I could write so colourfully. Loved the ‘rich, rippling formations..’ part.

  2. How kind! Thank you, Luca!

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