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I should offer a health warning for this post. I’m a huge fan of Thievery Corporation, especially their lush albums – like Mirror Conspiracy. Nevertheless, when they announced that their new album, Saudade, was going to be a whole album’s worth of bossa nova influenced stuff I feared dull pastiche. Thankfully, it’s just beautiful and easily up there with the best of their previous work. It’s all so lush and enveloping, with romantic sounding vocals in English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Saudade borrows its title from a Portuguese word meaning “a longing for something or someone that is lost, a contented melancholy, or, simply, the presence of absence.”  That melancholic air drenches the album, as does a shimmying sexiness. Opener Decollage sets the tone with it’s sultry vocal and pitter patter beats. Firelight gives us English but the mood doesn’t change from the lost romance. On No More Disguise the samba comes with full-on strings, like a Bond romance. The title track has gentle acoustic guitar and soft tom toms. Closer, Depth of My Soul has less bossa nova and more cinematic music, think The Italian Job. It’s lush, string driven and shyly epic. You can stream the album here.

Here’s a Rob Gaza remix of Depth of my Soul, not on the album, for free download:

And here’s the album version:

Thievery Corporation’s new album – ‘Saudade’ – out April 7th.
Pre-order ‘Saudade’:
On iTunes:
On Amazon (vinyl, CD, mp3):



~ by acidted on March 27, 2014.

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