The Devil, can sometimes do a very gentlemanly thing


I did start to research why there are so many names for the devil. But on t’interweb that soon becomes like entering a special variant of Godwin’s law populated by trolls and Mormons. Why so? To look up something about Lucifer. For this is the name of a new track from Rioux. Free download.

In truth, this track doesn’t deserve such a biblically apocalyptic name. It’s a lovely piece of electronica and not the least bit spooky or scary. It’s not even terribly surrealist. It’s some light Detroit techno mixed with some warped electronics that go whoop whoop. Wasn’t that a perfect sentence destined for some promo somewhere. Classy, no? Ignore my rubbish description and download.

Blurb: On March  26th,  surrealist electronic producer Rioux is set to release “Lucifer”, a sinister dancefloor epic paying homage to his Detroit roots and time spent living in Berlin. Consistent with previous  2014 singles, “Trails” and “Maze1”, “Lucifer” is a sleek hybrid of digital and analog production, navigating its listeners through both darkness and light. Rioux will compile his upcoming fourth single and the previous three  into an EP titled System Preferences, available in all major digital retailers and streaming services on April 21st. After performing Low End Theory in Los Angeles, alongside Machinedrum and Daedelus, Rioux began the year with the launch of his new multimedia label, Connect. The first Connect showcase of the year is slated for March 28th at The Silent Barn, featuring UNO’s SETH (Gobby + James K), Spirit Guide and Headaches. Only three months into 2014, Rioux has already shared the stage with artists such as Jungle, Wet, and Broods, and following a complete revamping of his three-piece live show , Rioux will perform alongside Shigeto and Teebs at the Shorin Music & Dance Performance Center at NYU on April 10th. Set for an outrageously prolific year, Rioux is scheduled to release his full-length collaborative LP with National Geographic astrophysicist and free jazz musician Stephon Alexander, titled Here Comes Now, summer of 2014. | @rioux |


~ by acidted on March 31, 2014.

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