Steve Cobby – Saudade


Steve Cobby is back with a new album, under his own name this time, rather than pseudonyms (Solid Doctor) or in collaboration with others (Fila Brazillia and The Cutler). It’s more lovely downtempo, with a jazzy element. But it also feels destined to get lost, since Thievery Corporation are releasing an album with the same name on Monday (reviewed here).

But, enough of negatives. Opener Passerines has a Latin feel with the tom toms and wind chimes but with enough pitter patter drums to keep the feet moving. Heeds,  an unexpectedly squelchy quality in amongst the Moog. Cool space funk with an almost improv jazz quality. Settling Days gives us echoes of his Fila Brazillia past, with it’s languid style. A little gem. Rapelle’s piano chops goes dangerously close to lounge jazz. Melismatic takes a jazz funk bass and then confounds expectations by adding some soft steel drums. But the mood remains funky. Clawfist goes for Rhodes piano but wheezy beats.

For much of the album there’s a solo listening quality. Much of the music is quite reflective, in its late night jazz style. It’s wee small hours spent with a fine malt. Makes me want a smoking jacket. In actuality, for me, it’s early mornings with a fine coffee. A blend of Columbian and Costa Rican perhaps. Fresh ground beans, just a dash of milk. Listen to the music, watch the steam writhe.

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Blurb: “Odd perhaps to talk about music itself in relation to a new record, but it’s immediately obvious that Steve Cobby effortlessly extends the lazy boundaries when it comes to one man and his equipment making it.  I suppose I’m talking more specifically about musicality, along with texture, depth and a genre free sense of soul which all help make this a landmark release and a 360 degree statement of future intent. To make it easier for you, I’m thinking Roy Ayers at his most cosmic, James Mason’s warmly organic electronics, Maze’s twilight and the extended horizon of possibilities that particular record laid out in one simple statement.  Cobby (as he has proved over many valuable releases) is a new breed of his own making, an off world Charles Stepney able to conjure alluringly languid moods from Rhodes and Moog that don’t (as is the modern mode too often) loop lazily and then leave. It’s a reflective 21st century jazz – free music that can skim like a stone across the water on Weekend World, or bump, squelch and jolt like the dancefloor gem, Heeds.  You are reminded that the power of real musical imagination is a beautiful thing. Crucially, this severely under appreciated British musician knows that machines are just dead metal and computers 0s and 1s without significant ideas to fuel them. – John McCready / Hacienda / Mixmag / JockeySlut / NME / TheFace / MOJO

~ by acidted on April 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Steve Cobby – Saudade”

  1. […] This week’s pictures are brought to you by lichen. And I’m still in my ambient phase, so here’s The Solid Doctor (Steve Cobby) with Arvan. This is one of his unreleased tracks from the How About Some Ether sessions from the 90s. It’s a mellow, barely there, sort of tune. He’s got a new album out next month (Everliving – the follow up to the lovely Saudade). […]

  2. […] is Steve Cobby’s (ex-Fila Brazillia) follow up to the lovely Saudade from last year. It’s out today. If Saudade had echoes of Steve’s Fila Brazillia’s […]

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