It took a lost weekend in a hotel in Amsterdam And double pneumonia in a single room


I guess this should be about the marvellous Lloyd Cole. But it isn’t. It’s about Lost In Antwerp instead. The name of the forthcoming EP from Naapo.

Fall Out is his signature track. First demoed last summer this is a lovely mix of indie sensibility and tech house bounce. A slight techiness abounds, with some uplifting chords and some welcome swooshing. A low-key gem. This would sound great in dappled sunlight. So glad it’s going to get a proper release.

What of the rest? Underneath It All has Liana Perillo on gentle vocals, giving the track a sort of Coca Cola advert air. Euphorian is a deceptively simple track. Synths bounce along like new-born lambs in the sunshine. Another of those tracks for festivals that make you smile. Trillion starts as if it’s going to be more of the downtempo synth/piano combo, until electro whirring comes it to assert its dancefloor credentials. Better To Stay is the black sheep track. This follows its own, more experimental, path. This is more minimal techno, filled with gloom, not sunlight. Perhaps the weekend didn’t end well?

Fall Out (full track)

Better to Stay (full track)

Lost In Antwerp EP (clips)

Oh go on, have a bit of Lloyd Cole anyway…

~ by acidted on April 7, 2014.

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