I think it’s interesting that ‘cologne’ rhymes with ‘alone.’


This is fragile indie acoustic mixed with all manner of trap and house with a melancholy and beautiful outcome. Free download.

We had Perfume Uniform here the best part of a year ago. And even the Silent Enjoyment remix of Out Alone Tonight here last autumn. Now, a EP’s worth of remixes.

Lavender Green takes on Gone By Now. Lulls you into a false sense of security with use of the unadorned vocal to start. Then brings in warm chords and beats. But it’s the tinkling keyboards that let this little gem soar. Next, the Silent Enjoyment remix of Out Alone Tonight. As I said before, this messes around with the track. It’s like a dubbed out Trap track, with seemingly random fragments of vocal scattered around. If you like to walk on the weird side, you’ll like this.

Katta remixes Oh Laurie. He takes the Trap thing further, set against bassed vocals and some clipped beats. Too Trap for me. Lasse Løberg has a go at Unloved Feelings and gets things back on track with some woozy house. Out Alone Tonight gets a further remix from Lucky Misu, who multi-tracks different vocals and keeps the beats sparing. Quite Four Tet. Kopfklang sets the Gone By Now vocal against broken glass beats and spaced reverb to crete something lovely. Sadly, he then spoils it with some overbearing Trap bombasticness. The EP closes with the acoustic soothingness of Mad Mandy’s Silent version of Nordnes.

A mixed bag overall, as these thing so often are. All worth a listen but download the Lavender Green remix, the Lucky Misu remix and the last lovely track.

Free download

~ by acidted on April 9, 2014.

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