Inhuman One


Inhuman One is sort of how I feel this morning, after a bruising week back at work. But it’s also the name of the new remix EP from Max Cooper.

All the remixes are tracks from Max Cooper’s Human album. Woven Ancestry gets a remix from Lusine. The use of rippling melody from the synths gives it an almost orchestral tone, undercut by crunchy beats. A lovely headphone tune. Rodriguez gets to makeover Supine. He takes it in a lush, almost R&B direction. Problably the weakest of the three. Harvey McKay gets Von Der Klippe to play with. This is the one for the dancefloor. The tune gets toughened and techno-ed up. Dance to Harvey McKay’s remix but you’ll find yourself returning for the lovely Lusine remix which unfolds a little more every time you play it.

INHUMAN ONE out now on Fields >

Blurb: So, I did an album, and it was time to find some remixers, so I got in touch with a few of my absolute favourite producers in the world, and luckily for me, some of them were interested in getting involved with the release. In fact, we ended up with such a great bunch of remixes, we decided to split them into two packages, so we could all take in each one of their works with enough time for the proper consideration they deserve.

This time we have Lusine, Rodriguez Jr and Harvey McKay. Lusine is one of my all-time-favourite producers, and has been for many years. His “A Certain Distance” LP being one of the most listened to albums in my collection, and his use of detail, complexity, warm synths and beautiful melodies, a big inspiration for me over the years.

Rodriguez Jr has always featured heavily in my DJ sets, with his soft and massive at the same time productions, and a knack for writing tracks that seem to work anywhere in the world and on any sound system – that is f’ing hard to do!….He’s a master of tight productions, as demonstrated by his beautiful remix of Supine on this release – hats off to Olivier.

Harvey McKay has basically stamped on everyone in the last year or two (in the best possible way!) with his brand of crunchy saturated techno hugeness. He’s got some amazing way of making this rolling wall of sound that’s got aggression and groove in a lovely balance – if you ever hear this remix of his on a big system it all becomes clear!

~ by acidted on May 3, 2014.

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