Jam & Spoon – Find Me


Here’s a repost from last September but with a new mix of the Jam & Spoon classic Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona) to enjoy, marking the proper release of the track.

Well, well, well. Here’s a 90s Jam & Spoon classic revisited by Johan Agebjorn with Sally Shapiro. Free download.

This is 1994’s Find Me remixed/revisited by Johan Agebjörn, 50% of Sally Shapiro. It’s taken from, free download album “Sweetened“. Johan says this is “containing most of mine & Sally Shapiro’s remixes during 2007-2013. Also including previously unreleased, forthcoming remixes for Jam & Spoon (their classic “Find Me”) and Little Boots.”

And so to Find Me. This is given a whole new lease of life as a synth disco tune, twinkling with stars and a new vocal. If you think it also has elements of J&S’s classic Stella, you’d be right. Johan says ““Stella” is a masterpiece, if you listen closely you can hear that I included the piano line from that track about 5:50 in this remix.”

If I’m honest, classic this track may be. But the original flaunting its trance ambient sound (guitar line apart) was pretty euro dance hell:

The new mix is a Dub mix of the Johan Agebjorn remix. Somehow, without the vocal, the track gains a dreaminess and loses a bit of drippiness. This is a great dub mix.

Buy: Beatport


~ by acidted on May 16, 2014.

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