We are fed so much information through the media that no one knows what to believe anymore


Strange to think in this information-overloaded age that the title of this post actually dates from 1987. It was said by Bill Leeb who had just formed electronic-industrial band Front Line Assembly (after leaving Skinny Puppy). They’re still going and have a new album – Echoes – of remixes, including one by Acid Ted favourite Slighter. Beware, this is a pounding fusion of industrial and drum and bass.

As to how the track came about, Slighter has done a post on his own site but also adds “Basically, Jeremy the younger guy helping Bill out these days (dude is 50 something!) connected with me on Twitter after we had a tweet back and forth… said my stuff sounded great and wanted to see if I wanted to remix for them… he sent me Leveled, and I really wanted to play homage to Implode and Flavor of the Weak, where Industrial, Drum and Bass, and Electronic collided beautifully.”

I have to admit, I’m not really the right person to review industrial music, as I’ve always steered clear of that goth on steroids genre. I have too many memories of bare-chested men aggressively flailing their arms and hair around as their leather trousers squeak with sweat. But here goes.

The Slighter remix is of Leveled from FLA’s 2013 Echogenetic. The original is one of those slow electronic dirges with the gravel-gargle vocal. Slighter, thankfully, imports a whole load of himself into the remix. It has that widescreen sound in which he often operates and gives the whole thing the boot up the backside it needs. He kickstarts the track with his own breaks/drum and bass drum patterns and then lets off a load of sonic grenades to really mix things up. This invades your tiny mind and then explodes, leaving bits on the walls.

Listen to the whole album here:

Blurb: After two milestone 2013 releases, 2014 is shaping up to be nothing short of extraordinary for the Front Line Assembly camp. FLA is kicking off the year by releasing ECHOES, the follow-up to 2013’s long-awaited ECHOGENETIC & critically acclaimed instrumental soundtrack for AirMech. ECHOES is a remix collection of FLA’s favorite modern artists reinterpreting the band´s now classic ECHOGENETIC. Presented as both a 14-song physical album and an exclusive extended digital release, ECHOES features two new original songs, co-written by Ian Pickering of the Sneaker Pimps, alongside remixes from artists such as Comaduster, Sonic Mayhem, Youth Code, Slighter, Rhys Fulber, HECQ, Henrik Backstrom (of Necro Facility), Blush Response (Joey Blush from Scar the Martyr), Liebknecht (Daniel Meyer), Haujobb, and Techdiff.


~ by acidted on May 17, 2014.

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