Do you understand the Higgs Boson?


Physics is wonderful and all that (or ‘brilliant’ for anyone who saw the Fast Show). But it does leave me with two strong emotions, annoyance and embarrassment. Annoyance as, hard as I try, I can’t understand what they’re on about and embarrassment at my perpetual nodding at my science-loving wife as she tries to explain things in simple terms. I end up saying ‘I understand’ only as a means to stop her sorrowful look and to make her stop explanations which start ‘It’s quite simple really…’

So the track for this post is Particle of God. That made me think I’d weave it into something about the Higgs boson. A quick squizz at Wiki’s all that’s required. Regurgitate a bit and away we go. Nope. Didn’t even get to the end of the first para. So, Higgs Boson. Sounds a bit like Bosom. Brilliant!

Particle of God is a track by Imago on Italian label Trivmvirate. This is dub techno of the blooping, ominous kind, with echoes of the choir celestial in the background. Even washes of acid. Rather fine.

The rest of the Nocturne EP doesn’t live up to this track, being a bit more metal bashing.

~ by acidted on May 27, 2014.

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