Friday techno


Here’s a Detroit techno live podcast for free download from French artist dynArec (Chris Kalera). Excellent machine music. It’s ahead of his new Harmonic Knight EP, out next week, clips from which I’ve included below. Have a good weekend.

Harmonic Knight EP

Blurb: As a French musician but a Detroit music lover, dynArec started making music in 1994 but it wasn’t until 2003 that he released his debut EP, ‘R-cam’ on Delsin.  His debut album ‘User Input’ was also greatly received and releases followed on the likes of Nature Records (including his second album), Kondi, Aux88’s Puzzlebox and his own Vaporwave.  After a long hiatus, dynArec returned in 2013, with two digital releases for Clone as well as a 12” for German label, Solar One Music.  Having recently released a new album, ‘Silver Tourist’ on Bass Agenda, dynArec returns with the ‘Harmonic Knight EP’ for Electrix, yet he is no stranger to the label having released his ‘Body Sequencer EP’ back in 2006.  dynArec’s music passes through hard beats and thoughtful harmonies to encompass the mind and body in a spiralling and mind-twisting voyage, while his exciting live performances deliver stomping grooves and dark pad storms of mostly unreleased tracks, making it a one of kind experience.
To be released both digitally and on vinyl on 2nd June, his ‘Harmonic Knight’ EP on Electrix features three new cuts, ‘Harmonic Knight’, ‘The Courteous Mercenary’ and ‘Safe Scouting Guide’, a remix of the latter by RadioNasty (Radioactive Man & Billy Nasty), plus two bonus tracks from dynArec for the digital version, ‘Frozen Tundra’ and ‘Re-Automated’.

~ by acidted on May 30, 2014.

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