Arnheim – Sidelines EP


More from Arnheim on 12-3 Recordings. His last one was a deep house EP which I said had a quality of “small stillness”. This one is more in a lush house vein.

Sidelines is almost scat jazz house, propelled by soft Rhodes chords. Lil Luvin is cut from much the same cloth. Australia’s Walker gives the track a harder edge and a deep, deep bass. Just To Be is the last original track keeps everything deep and lush. Mikael Klasson remixes the track into a more recognisable deep house shape and produces probably the best track of the bunch. This release is so lush that there’s almost too much lounge house.

Blurb: There’s so much talent demanding your attention on this EP it’s ridiculous, first of all – the gifted yougster we know as Arnheim offers three incredible originals. They’re soulful, mint and crisp. A bunch of deep anthems to provide a perfect framework for the summer of 2014. The three productions really have a lot in common, the fresh feel, the low key vibe, the groove – incredibly well exectuted. Sidelines might be the stand out-track, agile and bright, though both Lil Luvin and Just To Be add something of their own to the plate. Remixes comes from Sweden’s Mikael Klasson and Australia’s Walker. Mikael gets the job done by taking the original down a notch, twisting the groove a bit, making it to a lovely, floating track. Walker adds the elements of Lil Luvin to his patented, raw style of production, making it a proper supergroover.


~ by acidted on June 3, 2014.

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