DOSE – “Mind The Future” LP


A drum and bass album that brooks no arguments or messing about. The bass is low and fractured and the beats stomping. You have been warned.

This is the new LP from DOSE. Its twelve tracks veer from macho dnb to something more thoughtful. If you wanted to make a statement, then opener Haphazard is the way to do it. From the off this batters you with its distorted bass and heavy super-fast beats. A bit too much like computer game fare in its dystopian approach. Like This and Nowadays take a similar approach. Thankfully, by the time The Experience arrives it’s time for a change of pace. Everything gets a bit more funky and loose-limbed. What She Wants may have a bass not to be trifled with but it’s not trying to rip your head off. Closer Soul Food may career along but everything feels a bit less frenetic. There’s much in this album to enjoy if you pick the tracks carefully.

Blurb: 2014 is DOSE’s year. Hailing from the broken city of Christchurch and recently relocating to Auckland, Mr Truman has knuckled down to finally bring us his long awaited debut LP “MIND THE FUTURE”. You might agree its quite an LP too – giving fans and champions of DOSE’s music an exiting and varied platter of his sound from cuts that are driving and energetic to tracks that have a deeper and intimate style. Since his first release in 2006 DOSE has forged a solid reputation as one of the top solo D&B artists to come out of New Zealand. Consistent releases on a vast spectrum of top Labels including Ram, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio and Commercial Suicide combined with DJ sets of exceptional power, depth and quality, DOSE has built a well respected reputation as both a DJ and producer.

~ by acidted on June 10, 2014.

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