Privacy is for paedos. No one else needs it


One of the choicest quotes given to the Leveson Inquiry, from Paul McMullan (ex-NOTW). Alternatively, ”I never signed away my privacy in exchange for success.” (Steve Coogan). Blind Music believe in privacy, or at least anonymity. All of their releases are being released anonymously. Hee’s their first EP, and rather good drum and bass it is too.

Blind#1 is a wonderful bit of piano-driven drum and bass, with a gentleness and warmth. Easily the pick of the EP. Blind#2 is a bit sharper, with beats that underscore a certain moodiness. Blind#3 goes further. The tempo is on the up and everything gets skittish. A proper junglist tune. This is a trio of tracks as clear-eyed as you could wish. Worthy of your £2.50.

Blurb: Blind Music is a record label experiment. Every release on this label will be released anonymously and will stay that way. We live in a world of information overload. 144,800,000,000 emails are sent a day, 4,000,000,000 things are shared on Facebook a day, DJ’s and producers and buying twitter followers and YouTube hits and blog posts about Justin Bieber talking to Deadmau5 at a party get more hits than anyone’s album ever could. The rising trend of sensationalism, commercialism and information overload is distracting us from why we all got into music in the first place. Blind Music aims to take it back to the just that, the music.

Today, everything is shared and given to us on a plate, one thing is missing. Mystery!!! Nothing is a surprise in a world where everything is shared every step of the way. James Gleieck said that “When information gets cheap, attention becomes expensive.

Blind Music begins here with EP one. 3 tracks of anonymous drum and bass from 3 producers. The EP is available now and only from one place. We’re not going to waste time talking about the tracks. Click play, listen to the sounds and if you like it you know what to do. 

~ by acidted on June 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “Privacy is for paedos. No one else needs it”

  1. I’ve just read Paul McMullan’s entry on Wikipedia. He looks like a despicable human being. The problem with privacy is that, while it shouldn’t be used as a shield against investigations on illegal activities (something Italian politicians and upper-class members are constantly doing), it still is a fundamental human right, even more so given the digital aquarium we all live in.

  2. […] had Blind Music’s anonymous EP1 the other week and fine drum and bass it was. Now, here’s […]

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