In the valley of the fox


A new pastoral acid techno tune from crx091081gb. A work in progress but so good I thought you might like to listen. It starts with detuned synths before a squelchy bass comes along and the track gets harder and more insistent. A great acid ‘builder’ of a track. As for what more will happen to the track, crx01081gb says “been in talks with a mate who does wicked layered loop pedal vocals and am gonna attempt a vocal sample cut up mix“.

BTW, the title’s from W H Auden’s “Jumbled in the common box

“Silence settles on the clocks;
Nursing mothers point a sly
Index finger at a sky,
Crimson with the setting sun;
In the valley of the fox
Gleams the barrel of a gun.”

~ by acidted on June 15, 2014.

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