Some exquisite dub techno from Onium


Some exquisite dub techno from Onium Immix EP plus a smattering of remixes.

True to its name, ‘He Breathed’ mimics elongated inhalation/exhalation, sprinkled with tentative synth stabs before a brooding, more dogged beat picks up the tempo midway, the recoiling sound ricocheting forcefully in the abundant space. The zoned out feel continues with ‘Opslo,’ the rolling dub swirling and rotating like an out of control boomerang while the subdued beat holds it all together.

A hint of electro distinguishes the Echo Conscious remix of the same track, the clipped beats supplemented by repeated synth rhythms, cowbells and flurries of percussion, the dub element noticeably absent. Bleupulp’s remix retrieves the spaced out vibe of the original with it’s gorgeous rippling synth buttressed by a sturdy yet muted beat, a single bass note providing a metronomic centre to the whole. Reducing the epic quality of what’s gone before, Hemiptera opts for a  minimalist sound, the thin, reedy beat nicely juxtaposed with snake-like hisses and warped synth conveying a menacingly sullen tone.

And back to the dub with ‘Sharing Light,’ the revolving resonations following a distinctive pattern before pausing midway as a treacle-rich bass emerges and the echoes lift off again, the lightness and subtlety all very appealing. Finally, ‘Piped’ possesses the requisite dub effects, almost tripping over each other in their back and forth quality, while the beat and additional synths form a more dancefloor-oriented structure to the track.

A welcome addition to the genre.

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~ by acidted on June 15, 2014.

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  1. This is hot tits!

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