Nepz – Chaabi EP


North African-influenced sounds from Nepz (Gerome Sportelli) on this lively release which uses elements of the popular ‘chaabi’ music from Morocco and Algeria.

Essentially, with the eponymous title track, this translates into a conventional house beat overlaid with the standard accoutrements of chaabi such as bendirs (drums), darboukas, (goblet drums), violins, vocal harmonies and percussion all performed at a cracking tempo. ‘Ketama,’ on the other hand, retains the chaabi-infused percussive and wailing violin aspects but gives it a stronger tech-house feel with waves of dub techno surfing a heavier beat.

Review by D

Motech Radio with Nepz – show #14 (free download)

Blurb: Next up on DJ 3000’s Motech label is Nepz (Gerome Sportelli) with ‘Chaabi’. Gerome is an electronic music producer from Belgium who started making music in 1992 and released on various Detroit labels like Teknotika, Bipolar and Dark Print (James Pennington aka Suburban Knight’s label). As a compulsive analogue synth collector his music has an old-school vibe but is also infused with today’s intelligent constructions. By 2004 he had launched his own KRAX Records, developing a Chicago house sound that he loves to mix with Electro and Techno and in 2013 launched a vinyl series called Sporty Limited. Recording under the alias of Nepz he now delivers these two new tracks, ‘Chaabi’ and ‘Ketama’ using traditional samples of hypnotic percussions and repetitive melodies from “chaabi” music, popular in Morrocco and Algeria, while still maintaining the phat bass and driving grooves of his previous work. Out on 30 June.

~ by acidted on June 17, 2014.

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