I didn’t know I needed saving


Techno. Does the scene need saving? Doesn’t feel like it to me. But occasionally it’s good if stuff gets stripped back to basics and all that electro flash is taken away. Richie G has a couple of tunes for free download that remind me of early David Holmes or Dave Angel. It’s Detroit but with the focus on the machine music and definitely no strings.

Thunder Roll might evoke images of brutal rolling drum patterns and oppressive bass but that isn’t the case. It’s a quite Spartan piece of techno. An exercise in welcome restraint and the one to download. The Dance Floor is by no stretch of the imagination an inventive title. But it does rather Ronseal what it’s about. This is 3am techno, which loses something in home listening. The beat is relentless and there’s just a touch of electroness.

Buy: http://www.beatport.com/artist/richie-g/116627

Blurb: Dubbed “Montreal’s Boy Wonder” by DMC World Magazine, 20-year-old Canadian music producer Richie G has already set an imprint in the electronic music industry. Having released records for prominent record labels and gained support from the world’s top DJs, there will be no surprise to see Richie’s name on the next budding list of the future figures in dance music. Richie G has received great support from within the Montreal scene and from this springboard has also pricked up the ears of major names such as John Digweed, Sasha, James Zabiela and Hernan Cattaneo. “Eterna” and “But Her Fly” display all the hallmarks of the supremely sumptuous techno-edged electronic music that Richie G produces. Euphoric, beautiful, highly individual and inventive in equal measures, his depth of musical knowledge and finely honed production skills belie his young age.


~ by acidted on June 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “I didn’t know I needed saving”

  1. I love the content man! Just did an interview with Shadow Dancer about something similar – relevancy of production in today’s music scene. Would love to do a guest post for you sometime? Shoot me a message.

  2. Awesome, thanks. Sending my reply soon.

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