Tim Engelhardt: I’m a bit unsure about everything and that makes it very exciting


The absurdly talented Tim Engelhardt has a new Liveset out, including a load of new tracks. This takes him in different directions from his previous deep house output by forging into dub techno and Detroit techno territory. It’s been two years since our last interview, so I thought it was time we caught up with him again.

1. It’s been two years since our last interview. What’s the best thing that’s happened since then; and the worst?

Yes it’s been a while! A lot changed…
I got to know a lot of great people inside the music industry and I changed my sound a bit, I’m much more satisfied with my music and it’s really coming from my heart, that’s what I think to be the best thing that happened. Oh and I have joined WIR Booking from Cologne, which is a great agency and they support me a lot, so I’m very happy for that too. And nothing really bad happened, luckily!

2. You’re now 16, right? Are you still finding it possible to balance education and music?

That is right. It is possible for me, I’m still very fast in the studio when inspiration hits, and when I have to learn I simply do it.. but I really enjoy the times when I don’t have to write any exams, that always means making music the whole day for me!

3. This Liveset takes you out of deep house and more into dub techno and Detroit techno directions. Why do you think that is so?

I think I just grew out of that cliché deep-house thing, I always felt a bit strange calling my deep-house, because it never was, but it was just a natural development for me to switch it to something more personal.
Two years ago, I felt very secure making music and now, I’m a bit unsure about everything and that makes it very exciting for me somehow!

4. Give us 3 dub techno and Detroit techno tracks that have influenced you.

Well, I’m not putting music into folders to be honest, but I can give you 3 pieces of music that quite tell a lot about where I come from, and some of the elements my music is combining (excluding the inspirations from soul, jazz, rock, pop, ambient and way more)

Sven Weisemann – Elapse (unfortunately not on YouTube, so here’s the Freund der Familie remix)

Dominik Eulberg – Datenübertragungsküsschen

Robert Babicz – Nuda

5. You’ve said you are working on a dub techno project. Anything you want to tell us about what to expect?

It eventually turned out as something more than a dub techno project! It will be something very new, in terms of sound…
It’s not easy to describe it, but it will be dub-techno with a very musical and sometimes celestial side. But wait till you hear it. All the tracks I made for it sound very good so far and I’ve received great feedback…

And here’s Tim’s Liveset. As I said at the start of this post, there’s a greater sense of diversity to this mix. Previously, his work was mainly located in a very chilled deep house place. Beautiful sounds, beautifully constructed, beautifully organic. This mix (and indeed the Robert Babicz remix of a few weeks ago) shows a willingness to start to spread his wings. The mix moves Tim’s sound in two directions. First, dub techno, which has always been hidden in Tim’s work. Lots of soft dub chords pervade. Although wonderfully done, that isn’t necessarily much of a stretch musically. Secondly, and what’s more surprising, is that there are places where the sounds move away from the nature-focused and into something more obviously techno and machine-music. This is probably the more exciting part of the mix, opening up a whole new raft of possibilities. Listen and enjoy.


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