There are all kinds of mixtapes, there’s always a reason to make one


Ah mixtapes. The last resort of the lovelorn of my youth. The DJ promo tool of my adulthood and the lazy ubiquity of my old age. Here are three that defy that generalisation and offer something more than the sum of the parts. All for free download.

First, Marshall Watson. His mixtapes are always worth a listen, whether drum and bass, techno and ambient classics or anything else. This latest – Looking Through The Trees – probably falls into the “anything else” category. It’s a leftfield take on dance music, roaming across the unexpected in house, downtempo and bass music. It even includes a couple of his own tracks. This is 5am with a coffee music, for when it’s light but the rest of the world is not yet properly awake. Free download.

1.Eleven by Nadia Popoff
2.Deep Function by Kosme
3.Carat (Sebo & Madmotormiquel Remix) by Nu
4.Do Want What You (Mark Slee Remix) by Marshall Watson
5.Girar O Mundo Ft. Candida by PatternDrama
6.Dead of the Dance by My Favorite Robot
7.Invisible City (Drone City Remix) by Primal Scream
8.Uroboros (Permanent Vacation Remix) by Henry Saiz, Pional
9.Matilda’s Dream by John Talbot
10.Timelight by Marshall Watson
11.Slow Dance by Fables!

Secondly, Irregular Expression (who did the wonderful Setsuko in April) does a mixtape for SKMB. This takes a leftfield, jazzy, hip hop, smokey approach. A bit like Coldcut‘s Bits & Pieces from the early 90s. This is late night glass of port music. Free download.

1. L-TEC X Irregular Expression – En Garde
2. Flying Lotus – Roberta Flack (feat. Dolly)
3. Ed Ethics – A S M-RR
4. gabonano – myturn.
5. Irregular Expression – Setsuko (節子)
6. Salad Czar – Free
7. goonf!sh. – LUV(from)RA
8. JHAS – Hyperluminous
9. Steffen¥oshiki – Turn On, Tune In, Drift Away
10. Luno – im a lamb
11. deadxbeat x SPELLWRKS – soul_vibin
12. J Dilla – Lightworks
13. Free The Robots – Diary
14. Tawrence – Bubble Tea
15. B 3 N B i – Come To Me
16. deadxbeat – casual
17. Qman1 – Sasha Track 4 2014
18. Clams Casino – The Fall
19. Go Yama – Yagi-San’s Giant Machine
20. Chirality – Florida’s Finest
21. Free The Robots – The Unexplainable
22. Ras G – Money
23. bsd.u – shroomin
24. Irregular Expression – notes..
25. Truelove – The Critique in the Artist
26. Irregular Expression – Ridiculous
27. Dre Trav – Floral Synthesis (prod. 18sense)
28. L-TEC X w!SEGUy – Loungin’ (ft. Ricky Gutz & Skelly)
29. 18sense – talk to myself make beats by myself
30. Irahnik – Runaway (prod. Irregular Expression)
31. MIGAMO PLUS MONEY – Feel to Be Real
32. Jonwayne – Find Me In The Future
33. TenLittleRabbits – Voyager
34. Steffen¥oshiki – 月明かり (Moonlight)
35. Lapalux – IAMSYS (Tape Intro)
36. Magic Nanna – Lapis Lazuli
37. Thottie McPippen (Mike Gao x Go Yama) – Younger (Seinabo Sey Flip)
38. LAKIM – Voodoo
39. Mr. Carmack – Move Like Lions Do
40. AbJo – FRDM

Finally, Anderson M Music (formerly Andy After Dark) with a 30 minute house mix, Into Summer. It may be more conventional, compared to the other two, but that doesn’t make it a lesser mix. It’s a well-constructed house tape, avoiding cheap bangers. This is early evening with a beer music. Free download.


~ by acidted on June 25, 2014.

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